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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Everything you ever wanted to know about the bathhouse but were too scared to ask!

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What do I do at the Japanese Bath House?

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woman receiving shiatsu massage treatmentShiatsu is a form of acupressure with elements of deep tissue bodywork. Shiatsu stimulates the body?s energy pathways to clear blockages and re-balance vital energy flow.

Shiatsu treatment benefits your general wellbeing by preventing the build up of stress and fatigue, nurturing and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.

To receive treatment, wear loose comfortable clothing ? Japanese kimono top and shorts are provided.

Shiatsu practitioners at the Japanese Bath House are fully qualified and experienced. We strongly advise booking at least 2 days in advance if you wish to have shiatsu treatment after a bath.

Tatami Lounge

After a bath, now it?s time to have a drink chat or lie down in the lounge. Tatami (rush straw Japanese floor mat) is very clean and comfortable to sit around. You can have Japanese beer, sake (hot or chilled) as well as soft drinks or a cup of Japanese Green Tea. Also some snacks are available. No BYO food and drinks are permitted.

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Is the bath private?

No. The baths are single sex, communal baths. The Tatami lounge is communal. Often couples will have separate baths and relax together in the lounge. See Also: private bookings.

Can I wear bathers?

No. It is completely naked in the bath area. This is the traditional way. It is logical and natural, as you have to wash yourself with a scrubbing cloth and rinse before soaking in the bath tub.

Get into the beautiful 40-41 degree water. You will enjoy our traditional bath more without bathers on. Also wearing bather makes the bath water dirty.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing! We provide towels, scrubbing cloth and robes when you come in. Toiletries such as shower gel, shampoo and conditioners are provided in the wash area. Also hair dryers, cotton buds, body and toning lotion, hair gel, clean combs and brushes are provided in the change room.

If you need anything else, just ask!

How long does it take?

2-3 hours a time. One hour spent in the wet area scrubbing from top to toe, rinsing and soaking and having a dry sauna. Plus another hour resting in the tatami lounge.

If you choose to have a Shiatsu Treatment, your time spent will often come to 2 - 3 hours.

How many people can share the bath?

Only 8-10 people can fit comfortably. Because of the small capacity, booking is strongly recommended. See also: Do I have to book?

Do you cater for people with disabilities?

If you have special needs, please contact the bathhouse, and we will do everything possible to accommodate you.

Can I bathe if I am pregnant?

Yes indeed! In Japan, such baths are taken daily in 42-43 degree, absolutely clean water. When you sit in the water, your body feels great and your baby feels happy. We recommend that you should always trust your own feeling.

Can children bathe?

In the interests of all patrons, children under 6 are not permitted at the bath house.

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Where is the bath house?

59 Cromwell St, Collingwood 3066 Melbourne Victoria Australia. 10 minutes from the CBD by public transport.

Public Transport


Tram: Route 109 (Box Hill* -Port Melbourne), Stop 16 or 18 (stop 17 has been removed)
* formerly Mont Albert - Port Melbourne.

Train: Epping Line, North Richmond Station.

Street Directory: Melways Map Reference 2C G12

Parking: 2 off-street car parking spots are available for customers. Limited street parking is also available.

Walking? Here's a Google Map.

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picture of upstairs bath
Tuesday-Friday 11am - 9pm (8pm last booking for a bath)
Sat-Sun and public holidays* 11am - 7pm (6pm last booking for a bath)
Christmas Day Closed.
January May be closed for a few weeks. Please confirm bookings in December.  

* not open on public holidays that fall on a Monday.

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Do you Have to Book?

Yes it's strongly recommended as it's a tiny place. Limited numbers are allowed in the baths to ensure peaceful bathing for all.

Booking a Bath

It is about 2 hours relaxation. One hour bath (wash, soak, dry sauna) and one hour in the tatami lounge. All that is required for a booking is your time of arrival and number of people.

Booking a Shiatsu Treatment

Booking is essential for a Shiatsu Treatment as often our practitioners are fully booked. We advise booking at least 2 days in advance to guarantee availability. You can choose a half an hour, 45 minute or one hour shiatsu after a bath. We do not provide Shiatsu only.

Private Baths

For some special occasion, we will reserve the bath area for a private session. 8-10 people (same gender) can have 1 hour private baths, plus communal lounge use.


return to top of pageGift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are very popular. Gift vouchers are available for any combination of bath, shiatsu, drinks or snacks.

Pick up a gift voucher at the Japanese Bath House or purchase over the phone by credit card, and we will mail it to your nominated recipient.

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (Visa/Master Card/Bank Card/American Express)
see our price list web page.

The Japanese Guest House

Why is the guest house only for bath house customers?

The guest house is only run on limited weekends. It is simply not possible to offer the full guest house experience all the time. So we only open the guest house to our very valued customers. Sorry but there are no exceptions.

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