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 How to take a Japanese Bath

take your clothes offUndress: The first step in taking a Japanese bath is undressing and leaving your clothes in a change room locker. Enter the bathroom naked carrying with you a scrubbing cloth. Shower gel, shampoo and conditioners and so on are provided in the washing area.

wash hairWash: Washing takes place in the actual bathroom before getting in to the bath tub. You sit on a low stool in front of taps and showers set in the wall of the washing area. The bathroom is warm, steamy and comfortable and washing is an enjoyable part of the ritual. Each part of the body is scrubbed with soap with warm water using a plastic bowl and hand shower*. Most Australians love the fact that they do not have to worry about getting water on the floor! Washing also prepares you for the heat of the bath water.

Bathe: Step gently into the bath and sit comfortably in the hot water. Relax and enjoy the experience with all your senses.

* If you prefer, 'stand' style showers are also available.

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